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Resulting in flooded bathroom cabinet industry, the main reasons are the following aspects:       1¡¢Bathroom cabinet industry threshold is too low, fixed asset investment is not great. Some workshop factory owner, 80,000 yuan to dare to try half bathroom cabinet factory. &n...
      Sanitary industry overcapacity long time, coupled with the property market downturn led to market demand plummeted, "Monk little more than gruel" situation encourages consumers gradually grasp market initiative. Moment, sanitary ware market is gradually tilted the b...
      In recent years, affected by the economic downturn, overcapacity, rising costs, the market downturn of the three converging Status cold swept the entire sanitary industry, the added value is not high, less competitive if not three or four lines to seize the last line bathroom...
      The real estate downturn, home building materials industry has been affected, increasingly weak market performance. For sanitary industry, 2015 has been able to survive is not easy, in the face impending 2016, sanitary enterprises can not afford to leave things to chance. Cur...
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