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      ZHUFENG Sanitary Ware is located in Kaiping Shuikou, China's famous hardware production base for plumbing and sanitary wares. It was founded in 2009. We have been focusing on the design, research and development, production and sales of hardware plumbing and its supporting products for a long time. At present, the main products are: antique faucets, bathtub faucets, basin faucets, shower showers and other supporting products. Adhering to the tenet of "people-oriented, quality wins, customer first", ZHUFENG Sanitary Ware enjoys a high reputation in the industry through continuous innovation and excellent quality.
      ZHUFENG details determine success or failure! Details are particularly important to ensure product quality. First, in production, ZHUFENG Sanitary Ware improves every production line and grasps the quality of products by controlling the production links; secondly, we strictly require every step of product inspection, all products, including accessories, must go through one after another strict inspection: when selecting materials, we should test the copper composition of raw materials to ensure the stability of copper composition; when plating faucet surface, we should test the surface. Thickness of electroplating; after faucet fabrication, circulating water should be tested more than 400,000 times; besides, acid and alkali resistance test, cold and hot water test and so on. Therefore, a high-quality Qomolangma antique faucet can normally open more than 500,000 times and ensure that the drip does not leak! With excellent quality and unique style, we have won a good market reputation!
      ZHUFENG bathroom has always believed that quality is the basis of value, innovation is the guarantee of value! With continuous innovation and increasingly perfect manufacturing service capabilities, Qomolangma Sanitary Ware will interpret more life concepts and create your own living space!
      ZHUFENG's design concepts come from the European classic, simple and fashionable style. Following the trend of world antique trend, we draw lessons from international trend experience and absorb international popular art elements. We Everest people persevere all the year round, specially tailor-made products for consumers. How to produce and design more bathroom products suitable for modern families is our driving force.
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