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Unrevealing and graceful quality, exquisite and unequalled


Unrevealing and graceful quality, exquisite and unequalled
Unrevealing and graceful quality, exquisite and unequalled
Unrevealing and graceful quality, exquisite and unequalled
we create the oppprtunities
ZF all product design considers humanization first, the perfect use of ergonomics, so that your use is just right, whether it is hand washing, face washing, water intake, shower or spraying from all directions in the shower room, can be adjusted or accurately meet the ideal requirements of your use.
The installation technology developed by ZF innovates the traditional installation era under the platform, and greatly saves the installation space and workload. Fast and convenient to achieve solid installation, widely used in ZF basin faucet, become another special contribution of ZF in the field of innovation.
Speaking of silence technology, ZF is undoubtedly a top player. Whether the faucet lumen wall is smooth. The foamer has seven layers of filtration, water saving, noise reduction and splash prevention, and the filter net silencing treatment of the valve core. To prevent instantaneous high pressure and eliminate the noise of running water, all kinds of muting techniques are appropriate and meticulous.
ZF pays attention to the precious water resources while making your bath enjoy fully. Whether it is the seven-layer filter of the foamer or the constant current device of the air-filled sprinkler. Generally, the higher the water pressure of the foamer, the larger the flow rate. The flow rate of ZF basin and kitchen faucet special foamer is constant even when the water pressure is above 0.3 MPa. This constant current technology has been widely recognized and respected by the industry.0.
The chromium plating surface of our products is shining and unparalleled, which is attributed to the continuous improvement of chromium plating process by ZF brightening technology for many years. Five layers of chromium plating create extremely deep and uniform coatings. At the same time, the molecular structure of copper, nickel, chromium plating and other coatings is close. Perhaps it is one of the best surface coatings in the world. It is bright, shiny, dust-proof and anti-fouling. Can resist scratches, never fade, ensure that after years of use is still shiny as new.
When it comes to smooth operation, ZF is undoubtedly superior to others. Our unique valve core is made of ceramic alloy and coated with special lubrication coating in the closed-loop area. At the same time, the special oil storage tank design on the surface of the ceramic sheet makes your tap smooth for many years. Therefore, smoothing technology ensures that the product maintains comfortable and reliable performance throughout its service life without any maintenance. At the same time, super-large operation rotation angle means that the cooling and heat regulation process of water temperature is smooth, progressive and accurate.
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